Summary of recent public opinion research on wilderness

The Campaign for America’s Wilderness recently published a nice report that pulls together four years’ worth of public opinion research about American attitudes towards wilderenss. Not surprisingly, they conclude that Americans are strongly in favor of more wilderness.

That of course raises the question of why they continue to elect environment-destroying Republicans. For more insight into this, it’s worth reading “The Grassroots of a Green Revolution” by Deborah Lynn Guber, which pulls together and rips apart 20 years of environmental polling to better understand WHY there seems to be a disconnect between what people tell pollsters (“we love the environment”) and what they actually do (pretty much ignore environmental issues).

Merry Christmas, now eat your roast beef!

The detection of mad cow disease in the U.S. is a tremendous opportunity for an enterprising food safety/agriculture policy group with real expertise and solid policy proposals to mount a rapid-response campaign. This is a huge issue, and now is the moment of opportunity to push through the reforms that the beef industry and their friends in Congress have been blocking.

It’s also a great organizing moment for vegans/vegetarians and for the organic sector.