Plain-text ho!

I’m tired of writing HTML formatted email.  I’m going to make a clean break to plain-text, and thanks to Outlook-QuoteFix, I’m going to be able to ensure that I can properly format my plain-text replies. 

This will be an experiment to see what it’s like to break the HTML email habit.  Wish me luck.

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Facebook starts measuring “engagement” instead of raw users for ranking popular apps

Very interesting.  Facebook has announced that it will no longer rank popular applications by raw number of users, instead choosing to measure “engagement” those users have with the apps they’ve installed.  This is a great, smart shift, and I think it presages lots of changes to how online activism is measured.

We define engagement as the number of users who touch your application every day (measured from midnight to midnight each day). These touch points are:
  • Canvas Page Views
  • Link Clicks in FBML
  • Mock-Ajax Form Submission
  • Click-to-Play Flash
The number of engaged users is calculated by putting all of these touch points together. We display this as the number of “Daily Active Users.” Next to it we also show what percentage that is of the application’s total number of users.

Hat tip to Jeff.

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