Taking the Plunge

After many months of hemming and hawing, I finally took the plunge and committed to going digital with my music collection.

I ordered a 500GB external hard drive and a Squeezebox to wirelessly connect my digital music up to my stereo.  The drive will run off Molly’s existing desktop computer in the office/guest room.  But we’ll be able to command the stereo with the Squeezebox’s little remote control — or by hitting its web interface from our laptops.

That should be pretty cool.

I’m sure that hours of enjoyable CD ripping and tagging lie ahead. My next dilemma: FLAC vs VBR MP3.  I think it’ll probably be FLAC — I’ve got the gigabytes to spare and I don’t ever want to re-rip my CDs as formats change.

Possibly in the future: a Kloss Model Two micro-stereo system to replace my bulky pile of mostly-low-end components. But that will have to wait for my bank balance to recover.

No iPod for me, though.  I’m a loyal NPR listener on the bus.