A “green” computer gaming tournament — what a great idea!

Alex over at [WorldChanging](http://www.worldchanging.com/archives/000937.html)
takes approving note of Steve Crandall’s idea for a green co
mputer gaming tournament
where all the power for the computers would have t
o be generated by the players themselves.

I think this would be a neat way for the environmental community to approach th
e gaming community where they’re at — and, as Steve points out, this could be
a neat contest.

Another way to approach this would be for a game tournament sponsor to power an
entire tournament with solar/wind or other renewable energy source.

3 thoughts on “A “green” computer gaming tournament — what a great idea!”

  1. (I love trackbacks…)

    I tried to push the idea at a few engineering departments last semester. Every
    one liked the idea, but there needs to be someone or an organization to carry t
    he torch and set up something formal. It probably makes sense to do some tests
    to make sure it won’t be uninteresting (the exact challenge can’t be too hard
    or too easy).

    You could also do things like document writing and other PCish tasks, but I thi
    nk games would make the point best.

  2. “where all the power for the computers would have to be generated by the player
    s themselves.”

    Since most gamers survive on a steady diet of Jolt and Doritos I’m wondering if
    methane fuel is out of the question? Just kidding. Peddle operated wind turbin
    es could be good?

    I just started reading The David Suzuki Reader the other day and he talks a lot
    about the increasing disconnection between our technological experience of the
    world and our actual experience of the world. That the widening disconnection
    contributes to our ignorance of environmental crisis. Any initiative that bridg
    es this gap is a step in the right direction, especially getting those gamers o
    ut of mom’s basement and out into the sunlight!

    Very happy to have come across your blog! A fine read.

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