A Web-Based Resource for the Craft Art Community

Sonny Cloward, whom I had the pleasure of meeting in person (along with his adorable son Finn) this winter, is pondering A Web-Based Resource for the Craft Art Community. Lots of good — if raw — ideas in here about how to create a next-generation community oriented web resource for a topical/issue community.

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Lots of good thinking here; it’s not hard to see the relevance to the Northwest environmental community I work in. In fact, we’ve been having similar conversations around ONE/Northwest these days.

Towards the end, Sonny speculates a bit about platforms to build in — my personal choice would be of course be Plone. But that’s another story.

3 thoughts on “A Web-Based Resource for the Craft Art Community”

  1. My apologies for the broken think…bad planning on my part.

    Jon…thanks for the mention (and naming the fact that this idea is still in very raw form).

    I hope that other np-subsectors will be able to benefit from this; or perhaps be interested in collaborating to build a platform that can be extended to many different issue/topic communities.

    I’d very interested in talking more about Plone/Zope as a platform…I know so little about it (beyond our conversations).

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