All good things…

After 15 years, I’m leaving Groundwire.

I’ll be starting a Masters in Public Administration at the University of Washington’s Evans School of Public Affairs this September.  I’ll wrap up my work at Groundwire in June and take the summer off to be a full-time dad to Everett and to enjoy summer in Seattle through the eyes of a fifteen-month-old.

I’ve been unbelievably fortunate to be a part of Groundwire over the past decade and a half.  I’ve learned a ton, worked for hundreds of amazing, inspiring environmental organizations and have been blessed with the most kick-ass colleagues and co-conspirators this side of anywhere.  I am more grateful to all of you (past and present) than I can ever adequately express.  Thank you.

I won’t be going too far away.  We’re staying here in Seattle.  I’ll continue to serve on the boards of the Plone Foundation and Green Media Toolshed.  It’s possible I’ll add a consulting gig or two to my plate once I get a handle on my academic workload.

While there’s no denying that this feels like the end of a huge chapter in my life, it also feels like a new beginning.  I’m really excited to plunge into the unknown and into what I hope will be a period of creative uncertainty.  While I don’t know what the next chapters looks like, I’m confident that they will remix familiar themes: public service, social change, openness, systems thinking, data-driven decision-making and smart use of technology.

Watch this space for further updates.  Be seeing you.



13 thoughts on “All good things…”

  1. It was great to share some years there with you! I look forward to following your new adventures!

  2. Wow–truly the end of an era! Good luck with the grad work. I hope you can get in some time with Dorothy Bullitt who is teaching at UW–she’s pretty great.

  3. Congratulations Jon! Very exciting. I look forward to hearing about what the next chapter brings and what you do with the new knowledge and skills in the decade ahead.

  4. This definitely marks an important passage. Congratulations, Jon, on this big next step in the adventure. As someone who shared some of those 15 years with you, let me thank you for all the hard work and dedication you invested in trying to make this world a better one. You always helped keep us true to course and I learned a lot from you along the way.

    We’ll all be staying tuned as the story of Jon Stahl unfolds it’s next chapter…expecting more great things.

  5. Congratulations and good luck, Jon. We’ll have to get your family, Andrew Burkhalter’s, Brian Gershon’s, and mine together this summer for a geek-baby play-date.

  6. Amazing! Congratulations! You have got to love those new chapters! All the best in the transition. At least we know, your going to love that GreenMediaToolshed gig.

    I also suggest you make some promises to yourself about “school”. I went back to school after a few years of work it was a great experience. I strongly suggest you write a few “stress rules” now so you don’t get sucked into academic thinking…

    1. I never have a bad day if I can nap in the middle of it and few people notice.
    2. Papers are not stressful.
    3. Caffeine after 7pm is still a bad idea.


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