B.C. Vote Reform Could Lock in Right Wing

Electoral reform at the provincial level in BC is marching forward. Did you know that BC is seriously considering proportional representation and other alternatives to the winner-take-all single member district system that we currently have in common? Our friends up at The Tyee have great article on the electoral reform process in BC that shines some light on a complex but incredibly important structural issue.

>The good: Mixed member proportional representation (MMP), an electoral system used widely around the world with a proven track record of producing fairer results while maintaining geographic representation and improving the number of women and minorities elected

>The bad: Keeping the system we have – a good option for those who enjoy wild swings in public policy and poisonous public debate.

>The ugly: Single transferable vote (STV) – used for parliamentary elections only in Malta and Ireland, it is so notoriously difficult to explain that I won’t even try.

Oh, how I wish that these issues were on the table down here in the States!

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