Best Paint — non-toxic, low-VOC paint, straight from the heart of Ballard

Lots of people use zero-VOC/non-toxic paint for their home painting projects. One of the country’s leading manufacturers of eco-paint, Best Paint, is headquartered right here in Ballard.

What I learned today was that Best Paint doesn’t just make paint — they sell it retail out of their factory right on Market Street, too! Non-toxic, non-smelly and *so* local! What could be better? (Well, maybe Best’s website, but that’s another story.)

One thought on “Best Paint — non-toxic, low-VOC paint, straight from the heart of Ballard”

  1. Jon,
    I was so pleased to see your comments on our paint! Thank you for including us in your journal.

    The other reason I am responding is, we need someone to manage/make changes to our website. We probably need changes about 3-4 times a year and some clean up of what’s out there today. We’re hoping to find someone local and reasonably prices.

    Is this something you do or are interested in?

    I appreciate you getting back ot me on this and, again, thanks for including us in “Jon Stahl’s Journal”!

    Liz Morris
    Marketing Director
    Best Paint Co., Inc.
    (206) 783-9938

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