Bill Moyers takes the gloves off (again)

Bill Moyers is truly one of the most important leaders of our age. Once again
he speaks the truth with passion and authenticity.

>THIS IS A TIME of testing – for people of faith and for people who believe in
democracy. How do we nurture the healing side of religion over the killing side
? How do we protect the soul of democracy against the contagion of a triumphali
st theology in the service of an imperial state? At stake is America’s role in
the world. At stake is the very character of the American Experiment – whether
“we, the people” is the political incarnation of a spiritual truth – one nation
, indivisible – or a stupendous fraud.

Go [read the whole article](
le&issue=soj0408&article=040810) which is adapted from a keynote speech Moyers
gave at Call to Renewal’s Pentecost 2004 conference this May in Washington, D.C

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