Building Bridges

Ryan Ozimek’s piece “Islands and Bridges, the building has begun” is a great hallelujah to the power and importance of integration via open APIs.  It’s clear that PICnet and ONE/Northwest are drinking form the same cup, when Ryan writes:

The power of open source, combined with best of breed proprietary
systems with open APIs give organizations the power they need combined
with a price point they’re more likely to afford.

Which leads us back to the islands and bridges. The winning
solutions at the end of this year won’t be those that try to pack as
much under the hood as possible, but rather those that are most
flexible and connect most effectively with other systems.

In short, the non-profit sector’s needs demand more choice, and that’s just what open source and open APIs can do.


We’re attempting very similar bridge-building work between and Plone, and we’re looking forward to (finally) releasing our SalesforceConnector for Plone in the next few weeks.  (Got to get through some server migration work first!)

I can’t wait to discuss all of this great integration work at Aspiration’s Nonprofit Software Development Summit in a few weeks. 

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  1. John,

    Great to hear you’ll be at the Non-Profit Software Development Summit. I’m looking forward to sharing the ideas. I know that Tate from dotOrganize is big on this as well.


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