Chameleon page templates make Plone 4 another 20% faster

Plone 4 out of the box is already one of the fastest content management systems around.  And it’s still getting faster.  Malthe Borch has cut a major new release of Chameleon that gives Plone another big speed bump with almost zero effort.

Chameleon is a lightning fast drop-in replacement for the Zope Page Template system that Plone (and other Python applications) use.  By simply adding Chameleon to your Plone 4 buildout, you can immediately speed up your site by 20% or more, with zero code changes.

The homepage of a stock Plone 4.1rc3 instance yields 13.23 pages/sec on my laptop test environment[1].  With Chameleon added to the buildout, it jumps to 15.94 pages/sec.  That’s a 15% increase.  Not too shabby!  In the real world, where your page templates are doing considerably more work, you should see an even bigger boost.

Malthe’s been brewing this up for a while now, and it’s great to see it cross over into “ready for everyday production use.”  Give it a try!  Malthe’s taking bug reports if you run into any hiccups.

[1] 2GHz MacBook, 2GB RAM, Plone 4.1rc3 via svn, no proxy caching.  ab -n 20 -c 3, average of 10 runs

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