Clean out your closet, support the environment

Here’s a great win/win/win for you, the environment and a bunch of great environmental groups (including ONE/Northwest). Eco Encore is a new organization here in Seattle that collects donations of used CDs, DVDs and books, then sells them online (via [Amazon]( ), donating the profits to 10 Seattle-area environmental groups. My friend Jesse Putnam is their founder and visionary-in-chief.

Their “triple bottom line” is this:

1) You benefit because you get rid of a bunch of old stuff that is cluttering up your bookshelf, your CD rack, and your mind.

2) The environment benefits because your stuff gets reused. This helps reduce our need to make more new stuff, and helps keep old stuff out of the landfill.

3) The environmental movement benefits because, well, movements cost money. And Eco Encore is an innovative new way to generate financial support for environmental protection.

So here’s the ask: if you’ve got some used books, CDs or DVDs that could use a change of scenery, why not [donate ’em to Eco Encore](

If you live in Seattle, Eco Encore can pick your stuff up from you: just email Jesse Putnam at

If you’re outside of Seattle, you can mail paperback books, CDs and DVDs in via Media Mail. You can find [simple instructions]( on the Eco Encore website. They’ll even reimburse your postage (!).

You can designate your donation to support ONE/Northwest, or any/all of a dozen great environmental groups.

And you’ll feel really good about cleaning up your clutter and supporting an innovative entrepreneurial group.

If you’re curious whether it works, consider this: ONE/Northwest hosted a small house party last fall, and we invited our guests to bring books, music and movies to donate. Three trash cans (and a bunch of red wine) later, we had hauled in enough stuff to raise over $2000. Not bad. And people had a blast. (You wouldn’t believe all the embarassing 80s CDs that folks brought!)