Conservation Voters of BC

My amazing colleagues launched another website today, this one for Conservation Voters of BC.

It’s got a couple of cool things going on:

1) A [weekly column/blog]( by CVBC’s founder, Matt Price, who is a sharp thinker, a talented writer, and a gifted leader. Nothing technically amazing here, but it’s nice to see an environmental leader take to new media.

2) An innovative “[Legislator Tracker](” feature where Matt has begun to compile the on-the-record statements of BC’s 79 legislators about the environment. Since the parliamentary system doesn’t really allow folks to hold their representatives accountable for individual votes, tracking their statements in floor speeches as published in [Hansard transcripts]( is the best that can be done.

I’m hopeful that Matt’s innovative effforts will succeed in raising the political profile of environmental issues in BC during the upcoming provincial election cycle.

UPDATE: here’s the [press release]( from CVBC promoting the Legislative Tracker