Donor Management Process Mapping

One of the best things about working at ONE/Northwest is the fact that I get to sit across the room from brilliant people like Steve Andersen. Over the past few months, Steve has been doing some amazing work helping our small- to mid-sized environmental organization partners build effective relationship management systems.

One of the deep pieces of wisdom Steve brings to the table is the insight that successful database projects aren’t actually about technology — they’re about helping groups understand their business processes. And Steve has developed some amazing techniques for helping groups make process maps of their relationship management processes.

They look something like this:

Why is this helpful? Well, until a group really understands what they’re trying to do, it’s impossible to give them the right tools to support it.

Steve has finally started to write up some of the results of this work.
The first two maps he shares show how a group we work with work with donors to get them to the point of being ready to ask for money, then how they go about actually executing that ask.

As former ONE/Northwester Dean Ericksen commented on the Salesforce Nonprofit email list, “In a world of nerd-wonkery, this is high-art.”

Great stuff. I can’t wait for Steve to unroll the next couple of installments.