Environment in the Democratic platform

Even though the Democratic Party platform is pretty much a meaningless formalit
y, Amanda Griscom of Grist offer
s some insightful analysis
about the environment’s role in the platform —
and in the just-finished convention.

My favorite bit: Amanda’s neat debunking of William Safire’s [claim](http://www
.nytimes.com/2004/07/26/opinion/26safire.html) that the environment got short s
hrift in the platform, because the platform doesn’t mention “global warming.”
It’s true — the platform doesn’t talk about global warming — it talks about
“climate change.” Apparently Safire doesn’t realize that they’re synonyms —
and that environmentalists tend to prefer the latter in any case.

PS… and speaking of the role of energy issues in the political process… som
ebody tell the [Apollo Alliance](http://www.apolloalliance.org/) folks to updat
e their website — the latest “news” is dated April 29th.

2 thoughts on “Environment in the Democratic platform”

  1. “Even though the Democratic Party platform is pretty much a meaningless formali
    And this is really too bad. There were calls for debating the platform but they
    were silenced in the interest of keeping up the appearance of unity

    The Kucinich delegates for several states were pressured to switch their votes
    to Kerry. The appearance of unity is more important than the practice of democ
    racy, hmm sounds familiar somehow.

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