First impressions

This one had to sit for a while, Everett just hit six months yesterday, so now is probably a good time to hit “publish.”

March 19, 2010.  11:35am.

Three minutes ago, I was two inches from Molly’s face screaming, “Push! This is it!”  Now I’m weeping, sobbing uncontrollable tears of joy.  It’s a boy: red, squalling, perfect.  The moment is enormous.  So much waiting, so much anticipation.  Time collapses.  History, evolution, millennia all leading to this single moment.   He’s already on her chest, being toweled off.  Relief, I continue sobbing.  Pangs of grief well up; my own dad has been gone two years now.  He’d have been so happy, so proud.  I can see his face in my mind’s eye even as I see traces of my own in this new little one’s gaze.  I’ve never wept like this.  Life continues.

3 thoughts on “First impressions”

  1. Wait till he starts walking–every parent I know says that’s a thrill. At least, at first… 🙂

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