Give your Squeezebox Server enough RAM

I’ve had a Squeezebox as my digital music system for over three years now; it’s still one of the best few hundred bucks I’ve ever spent on electronics.

The Squeezebox’s server software runs on a server.  Since 2006, I’ve been using an old Dell Dimension 2350 that we had lying around.  But this weekend, I upgraded (slightly) to a Dell Dimension 3000 that my employer Groundwire excessed from its inventory.   Wow, what a difference!

The old server had 512MB of RAM and a 2GHZ Celeron. My “new” server has a 1.25GB of RAM and a 3GHZ Pentium 4.  My music library is about 24,000 tracks (that’s large-ish, but not huge by community standards, it seems).   While my old box never swapped, it was often running pretty close to its RAM limits, and the web interface could be sluggish at times.  Under the new server, it’s smooth and fast.  I suspect it’s additional RAM rather than the faster processor that’s making most of the difference.  I also swapped in a set of optimized MySQL caching settings (thanks Squeeze community!), which allows the system to take more advantage of its increased RAM.

Bottom line: I shoulda upgraded the RAM years ago.  🙂