Gush: interesting fusion of IM and RSS

Stowe Boyd writes a bit about Gush, a new application from 2entwine (lame name) that looks like a very interesting combination of Instant Messaging and RSS/blogging.

It appears to have some very nice/innovative UI design, and some interesting new features like the long-term storage and sharing of IM “away messages” into a sort of mini-blog. Hmm…

Gush also looks to be designed with an eye towards small-team collaboration… always intruiguing.

Also, it builds on the solid open-source Jabber IM protocol, and is if nothing else a demonstration of the kind of innovation that can happen on top of open, documented standards.

And it’s offered under a Creative Commons license!

These guys are compliant with all the right buzzwords! I can’t wait to try the app!

3 thoughts on “Gush: interesting fusion of IM and RSS”

  1. Stowe–

    I’m totally sorry… it was *really* late when I posted that. I’m correcting it now.

  2. My senior thesis project, BuddyGopher, has been turning away message history into blog-like pages for about a year now. We are only available on the AIM network, but users do not need to install any special software to work on our publishing system. Congrats to 2entwine for joining the “We Love Away Messages!” team. It is an under-valued aspect of the Instant Messaging world.

    BuddyGopher is

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