Saturday, September 8th.  Leavenworth, Washington.  A little after 5:00 PM, PDT.

We are both thrilled to have shared this past weekend with so many dear friends and family — and with each other.

Big thanks to Steve Andersen for the above photo; there will be lots more here soon.

6 thoughts on “Hitched”

  1. Hey there Jon. I was looking for info on adjusting my Powerbook’s trackpad sensitivity, came across your blog and just found out that you’re married. Wow, congratulations! Looks like the wedding was fun. Are little jonlet’s far behind?

    I’m pretty near to finishing up my Masters at U. of Hawaii working on the bioinformatics of dengue viruses (all that ONENW computer experience has come in mighty handy!) Also I just got back from a couple of months of doing field work in Thailand with mosquitoes (which was a nice break from the lab) and I’ve decided that I’ve got to move out there. Hopefully to do my PhD but we’ll see.

    Say hi to anybody that still recalls me and take care. Oh, I spent Dec. with Eva in Nepal and she’s doing great; saving the world, etc. Ok, good to “run into you” and I’ll let you know if I ever get back to Seattle. Argon

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