How to support your favorite candidate or ballot initiative this fall: place some targeted Google or Facebook ads

My parents-in-law asked me last night, “Is there any useful way can support I-1098 other than by phone-banking, which we hate?”

I thought about it a bit, and I said, “Well, you could place some Google or Facebook Ads, targeted at folks in Olympia, etc.”  Which got me thinking some more.

The obvious things to do would be:

  • Geotargeting — not just to the state level, but down to the city level.
  • Use Facebook interest targeting either to zoom in on likely supporters or to try to find possible swing voters
  • Instead of linking to the generic campaign website, maybe try linking to a landing page that explains how to place ads of your own.  (i.e. try to make the idea go viral)

Has anyone ever tried this?  Is it effective? It seems like it could be a lot of fairly inexpensive fun.