I am the only one who finds Change.gov disappointing

I’m really surprised by the adulation that the Obama transition team’s website, Change.gov, has gotten.  To me, it looks like a pretty design (all of Obama’s design work has been really excellent!), and a few web forms that dump your information into a black hole, never to be seen again (so far).  This is what “listening” looks like?

I applaud the speed with which they’ve gotten the site up, and I suppose I appreciate the symbolism of the gesture.  But unless they actually build some sort of actual conversation on top of this, or somehow reflect back what they’re hearing (“active listening” anyone?) I’m not going to be very impressed.

5 thoughts on “I am the only one who finds Change.gov disappointing”

  1. Yes, Jon, you are the only one.

    Actually, I agree with you. It’s cool and great that they launched a site so quickly, and I like the intention. It’s just a web site, however, and not a great one (yet?). The campaign has amassed lots of contacts and information, and are clearly savvy about web technologies. Hopefully this will translate into the way the administration operates.

  2. Thanks for saying this. While I don’t find it “disappointing,” per se, I wasn’t blown away by it in the way that I was expecting to be after reading all the tweets from people who generally know from awesome. After the awesomeness and openness that was/is barackobama.com, this is a good Web site that demonstrates some commitment to outward transparency, but not much more.

  3. Well, being one of the ones that was tweeting about it, I’ll have weigh in as to why I was so moved. After years of a completely opaque, untrustworthy government, with no online engagement whatever, change.gov seemed to be the harbinger of a totally different kind of wind blowing. And just for that, and that only, I was moved.

    If you are comparing it to something that we would think would reflect the kinds of online engagement that we nonprofit web2.0-savvy geeks have come to expect – well, of course it’s disappointing!! But after 8 years of Bushco???? I’m floored.

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