I would expect…

… the leader of a successful, social-mission business to be a bit smarter than this:

For seven years, Mr. Mackey had an online alter ego.

Using the pseudonym Rahodeb — a variation of Deborah, his wife’s name — Mr. Mackey typed out more than 1,100 entries on Yahoo Finance’s bulletin board over a seven-year period, championing his company’s stock and occasionally blasting a rival, Wild Oats Markets.

Sigh.  A sad commentary on the state of our culture. 

2 thoughts on “I would expect…”

  1. Jon,

    Whole Foods has always struck me as a regular old profit-driven corporation masquerading as a social mission business. Seems like perhaps I was right.

    Locally, it’s been challenging for local organic farmers to get equal space (let alone more space) as the organic vendors from far, far away. Doesn’t sound so social mission to me.

  2. +1, Michelle. I guess I should have said “allegedly social mission.” 😉

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