Interesting conference: Digital Democracy Teach-In

Uber-tech publishers O’Reilly are putting on a Digital Democracy teach-in in San Diego on February 9th. ]

Internet technologies are putting power back into the hands of the people. Using blogs, MeetUp, cell phones, websites, and plain old email, citizen activists have already altered the face of the next US presidential election. In a less-noticed but potentially seismic shift, concerned citizens are using the same tools to have more say in the day-to-day tasks of governing. Are we on the verge of a fundamental shift towards truer democracy, or will these new Internet-fueled tools be co-opted to maintain the status quo?

One thought on “Interesting conference: Digital Democracy Teach-In”

  1. They’ve also put out a call looking to have more grassroots, and activist types participate. If you know someone would you think would be appropiate let me know and I’ll pass their name along to the organizers.

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