Introducing Diazo and

Laurence Rowe and Martin Aspeli just made the first beta releases of Diazo and  I couldn’t be more excited.  Diazo is a revolutionary new approach to theming web applications.  And, while it has been developed by the Plone community, it’s not just for Plone.  Diazo can be used to theme almost any web application, and I think it heralds a paradigm shift in how we think about theming websites.  Diazo works best with Plone 4.1 (in beta, coming very soon),  which includes its dependencies, but can also be installed in Plone 4.0.x.

I can’t wait to see what folks will be able to accomplish with Diazo.


One thought on “Introducing Diazo and”

  1. Just got diazo working with zettwerk.ui. I noticed something undocumented after install, on the zettwerk.ui.downloads folder you need to make sure it is owned by the plone group if you are on a *nix machine. We are happy thus far with it, still getting familiar with plone but you can let me know how im doing.

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