King County Conservation Voters Makes No Mayoral Endorsement?!?!


In an affront to environmental poster boy, Sierra Club leader and mayoral candidate Mike McGinn, the King County Conservation Voters have decided not to endorse either candidate in the mayor’s race.

It’s hard to build a movement when you won’t stand with your own.  Very disappointing.

3 thoughts on “King County Conservation Voters Makes No Mayoral Endorsement?!?!”

  1. Jon,

    I haven’t read much about either candidates yet – but – environmental chops aside – what are the chances that neither of the candidates are good choices?

  2. I’m pretty sure that at least one of them is strong on the environment, since at least one of them has been the Executive Director of a significant city-focused environmental organization. WCV/KCCV is supposed to be evaluating the candidates based on their environmental chops, so to say in effect “we have no opinion here” seems like a dereliction of duty to me.

    And, full disclosure, I say this as someone who is an enthusiastic McGinn supporter, even though I don’t agree with him 100% on every issue, not even on every environmental issue.

  3. Fair enough then – if they can’t hold the torch for McGinn based on his environmental chops – then I do agree – they should go and rethink that decision!

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