Lake District Photos, and Vacation Recap

I’m certain there are least two dozen of you who have been wondering, “Hey didn’t you just go on a big vacation?” and “Where are the goddamn photos?”

Wonder no more: we got back from the Lake District a week ago.  We spent 10 days hiking around the fells and dales and staying in hostels.  A couple of days in London the way out.  It was great.  England is very pretty and frighteningly expensive.  The photos are here.

Among my favorites:

A few amusing thoughts about England:

  • The food was generally pretty mediocre, although not as bad as one might fear.  Kudos to Martin & Esuk for taking us out for some really good Indian food in London — the cheapest and best meal of the trip, without doubt. 
  • Two other exceptions: I had some fantastic lamb at in Elterwater (surprisingly easy to enjoy, even after a day of wandering amongst the sheep) and I’m not sure we had a potato during the entire trip that was less than tasty.  The British take their potatoes seriously.
  • Britian has a lot of nice typography on their signage.  Count me among the fans of Transport and Johnston.  On a related note, this in-depth article from last week’s NYTimes Magazine about a new font for U.S. road signs is worth a read.
  • Brits drive on the left.  Curiously, though, they walk on the right.  Go figure.
  • I’m really sorry, but British beer doesn’t hold a candle to Northwest microbrews.  It’s not the concept of room-temperature ale (twisted though it may be) — it’s just that the average beer I had just wasn’t that good. Bluebird Bitter, a local microbrew from Coniston, was the lone standout.  We may not be Belgium yet, but we’ve got nothing to be ashamed of.

3 thoughts on “Lake District Photos, and Vacation Recap”

  1. Thanks for posting the photos Jon! Weren’t you there during the massive flooding? Were your travels affected by that at all, or were you too far north? I strongly agree with you about the beer, by the way.

  2. Nice photos Jon. but you’re wrong about the beer. There are numerous micro breweries turning out award winning beer by the firkin. My favourite = Hawkshead Gold.

  3. I suppose we’ll have to agree to disagree on that, Tony. 😉 Thanks for stopping by!

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