Low-transaction-cost organizing

The always-insightful Mark Schmitt has some interesting thoughts on the significance of internet-enabled low-transaction-cost issue organizing:

Low transaction-cost organizing will present many challenges to the way
we think about politics and how to regulate it. Much of the regulation
of money in politics, for example, is based on limiting organized money
(PACs, bundling) because some people can organize and others can’t.
Instead, perhaps, it should seek to encourage greater organizing,
reduce the transaction costs even further. And, of course, even with
low transaction costs, real political equality is impossible — and
perhaps we will even come full circle, where everyone can organize and
be heard, and then once again the only ones who matter will be the ones
who bring the really big cash. But for now, it’s all an improvement,
just as it’s an improvement to be able to find infinitely new ways to
find status and satisfaction.