Manage Infomration Overload by Blogging

Michael Gilbert has an interesting notion: becoming a knowledge blogger is a good way to practice managing information overload.

The experience of “information overload” has many causes, among which
are these three important ones: (1) We don’t know what to do with the
information we are getting. (2) We don’t know how to filter and select
amongst all that information. (3) We don’t know how to influence the
flows of information themselves.

Blogging addresses all three of these causes of the “information overload” experience.

The operating principle here is this: Most of the inbound flow of
information that we have to deal with is unclearly tied to our
productive work. If we can shape a small element of our productive work
so that it gives us the practice of rapidly discerning the value of
various types of information, in a manner that is easily actionable,
then we will quickly refine our sense of purpose in a way that improves
our filters. By learning how to decide whether or not to blog about
something and then what to say about it, we become ruthless in our
culling of information and in our selection of sources.

It’s a counterintuitive notion, but I couldn’t agree more.  I’ll add the notion that blogging regularly is really great practice for developing a personal, authentic and *brief* online writing style.