Mindless Droning Consumerism

A little known fact is that I haven’t actually bought a personal computer for myself since 1993, when I purchased a PowerBook 145B before leaving for a semester in Denmark.  (Actually, I think my parents may well have paid for it!)   Since then, I’ve always used various work computers, or computers belonging to my now-wife, Molly.

It was a good 14-year run.  But now it’s over.

I just bought a MacBook.

(For the curious/geeky: White, 2GHz, 1GB RAM (soon to be upgraded), 80GB HD.  The bottom-of-the-line model.)

I’ve never been a huge Apple fan, and I’m unlikely to become one.  But the fact is that the MacBook is a nicely designed laptop, with good perfomance, at a very reasonable price ($1099, plus tax).

I’m looking forward to using it.

Things I already like:

  • The keyboard looks a bit scary, but feels surprisingly good.  Not as good as my work ThinkPad, though.
  • The screen is sharp and bright.
  • It’s a nice size.  Not too small, not too big.
  • The MagSafe power connector, which connects magnetically and pops out when tripped on, is so elegant and simple that I can’t believe nobody thought of it until now.  Every laptop manufacturer should copy it ASAP.

Things that already annoy me:

  • Apple’s touchpad.  It’s just not very sensitive.  It’s still way behind the trackpad on my ThinkPad at work.
  • Only one mouse button has been a bad idea for a long time, and still is.  Two-fingered right-clicking on the trackpad is a partial solution, but I’d really like two buttons.  Steve Jobs’ “one button” dictum be damned.

3 thoughts on “Mindless Droning Consumerism”

  1. From one of your curious/geeky readers — you can right click by putting two fingers on the trackpad and clicking the button. You might have to configure it it System Prefs/Keyboard & Mouse. You can also adjust the sensitivity of the trackpad there.

  2. Chris,
    Thanks, hadn’t yet figured out the two-fingers-and-click move. I’ve tried messing with the trackpad sensitivity, and haven’t really found any satisfying solution. I think part of the problem stems from the fact that the trackpad is so darn wide, which makes it susceptible to stray touches, which is why they put in the “ignore stray touches” option, which helps avoid the stray touches but “deadens” the trackpad so much that it’s annoying. In other words, I’m between a rock and a hard place. 😛

    Oh well. Can’t bat 1.000, I suppose.

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