More Thoughts on Commenting

Seems like I’m not the only person thinking about website comments these days. Our friends at The Tyee have been doing some heavy duty musing on this lately, too:

The Tyee just
launched its new commenting system yesterday, and it’s been a very interesting
ride so far.  Overwhelmingly positive feedback, but of course some disgruntled
commenters who don’t like the changes.  Lots of good constructive feedback from
readers so far, both on the experiment in general, and on technical details that
we could improve on.
Check out our
editor’s two pieces about the changes:
1) “Can We Still
Talk Online?  Push is on to improve reader forums on the Net.  First in a
Tyee’s New Approach to Comments: A system designed to promote thoughtful
We see the
changes we’re making as part of a wider trend in online forums, not just with
online publications, but with blogs and other open forums as