Moving day

Today was my first day in ONE/Northwest’s [new Seattle office]( We had been at Nickerson Marina for over five years, and although we were long overdue for roomier headquarters with actual [walkable amenities](, I found moving in to be a surprisingly emotional experience.

Riding the bus downtown to work for the first time in five years, I found myself reflecting on how much ONE/Northwest has grown in size and sophistication over the past five years.

A bunch of people have joined the ONE/Northwest family since that bright spring day in 1999 when we first crossed the threshold of 1080 West Ewing: Andrew (B), Kerry, Andrew (G), Clayton, Dave, Gideon, Jim, Lisa, Wood, Jodie, Drew, and Jon (B), Laurie, Brad, Travis, Joad, Alan, and more. (Not to mention Steve, Denise, Nancy, Eva, Barabara and of course Dean.) It humbles me every day to work alongside such talent and passion.

I also found myself thinking about how much the world has changed since that spring day in 1999 when we first moved into the marina. The great boom/bubble of the 90s collapsed, deflating rents (and, thankfully, a few egos) across Seattle. The environmental movement has won a number of victories, but has suffered its defeats as well. WTO happened. There has been an explosion of technology tools to power grassroots activism. We elected the most virulently anti-environmental president in history, and then allowed him to lie us into war in the aftermath of a shocking and gut-wrenching act of terrorism. Five years ago I didn’t think that my environmental activism would ever make my government see me as a threat — now, in the Ashcroft Age, I’m not so sure.

What will see in our next five years in the Vance Building, I wondered to myself.

Then the bus stopped, I hopped out into a bright foggy Seattle morning, and went up the elevator to work.