New photo gallery software

I just updated my photo gallery to [Gallery 2](htt
p:// While the software’s still in alpha, it’s looking re
ally nice, and I think it will be fine for casual use. (The current release, 1
.4.4, is also a solid product.)

I’m really enjoying it so far, and I can’t wait to see it continue to develop.
My only issue is that Gallery is strongly based on a metaphor of albums ; it d
oesn’t allow you to easily build dynamic groups of photos based on metadata. Su
re, there are ways to “fake” this using search tools, but there’s no way to rou
te around the fact that each photo must be placed in exactly one album. The de
velopers have already said that they’re not going to change this, and I can liv
e with that. But it’s too bad — it’s the one big thing that I think will keep
Gallery stuck at the level of “very good” rather than “amazing.”

UPDATE: I moved back to Gallery 1.4.4 after reading the fine print in the Gallery 2 Alpha, where they said something to the effect of “we still might change the database schema, so test away, but don’t use this as your production gallery.” Or, “make no wine before it’s time.”

UPDATE ON UPDATE: I have a [test install of Gallery 2]( running again, alongside my old Gallery gallery.

3 thoughts on “New photo gallery software”

  1. Do you know any packages which do support “smart albums”? I’ve been feeling ve
    ry limited by Gallery’s albums of late.

  2. I don’t know of any in the open-source world. There are quite a few commercial
    packages that do this, but even these tend to be oriented towards single deskt
    op users, unless you want to fork out a pile of cash. Do let me know if your r
    esearch turns up something — clients ask me this question every so often.

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