NewsCloud Released as Open Source

Jeff Reifman has released the NewsCloud platform under an open-source license. Great stuff. As he points out:

While there are a number of social network journalism platforms that allow a wide variety of original content, none of the latest… generation so far are licensed to the open source community to inspect, re-purpose and improve.

The technical details:

The NewsCloud platform is written in PHP and MySQL. Visit the NewsCloud site at SourceForge to download the code. Visit our Developer Wiki to get more information. There are a number of ways for developers to get involved with us. We’ve also set up a Google Groups discussion forum for developers. If you just want to integrate your site with NewsCloud, our pre-existing REST-based PHP class of Web Services API is still available.

In a world with an increasing number of information sources tied together online, it will be increasingly important for people to work together to take more responsibility for providing high-value editorial services.  It’s not the “one-size-fits-almost-all” editorial model of broadcast and newsprint anymore.
NewsCloud presents a fascinating opportunity for folks to experiment with a powerful, rich state-of-the-art platform for aggregating and discussing news stories ala Digg or Slashdot.