Nonprofit website benchmarks study released

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I’m very happy to have pushed the “launch” button on Groundwire’s 2010 Website Benchmarks Study, a first-of-its-kind-so-far-as-I-know report that takes an in-depth look at website statistics and online behaviors of 43 small-to-midsized environmental nonprofits.

There’s a ton of useful information, not only about groups’ “raw” website statistics, but also about how much time and energy groups are investing in their web presence.  Lots to chew on for nonprofits of any size, but I think it’s especially relevant for groups up to about 50 staff.

One thing I’m particularly proud of is the fact that I was able to develop a highly scalable and repeatable methodology for quickly gathering data, using a combination of a simple, open-source Python script (written by my awesome colleague Matt Yoder) for interacting with Google Analytics and a quick-and-dirty online survey instrument.

4 thoughts on “Nonprofit website benchmarks study released”

  1. This is a really valuable and interesting report, Jon. Thanks for putting it together and for also publishing the scripts and methodology. It would be cool to see other organizations duplicate your work with other organizations so that we could get a really large dataset.

  2. Thanks, Eugene! Indeed, I am really hoping not only to do some followup studies with larger cohorts, but to provide others with both the inspiration and means to wash-rinse-expand-repeat into new networks!

  3. It’s just as useful for small for-profit businesses. One of my client businesses gobbled it up on an offsite meeting this week. Now to get them to donate to Groundwire!

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