Noted in brief – 9/24/2009

  • TechNerd Interviews McGinn
  • Silicon Valley Hyperbole and What It Means to Really Change the World
    – if people are really, really interested in where the next generation of truly disruptive innovation is going to come from, it’s not Silicon Valley. At least not this iteration. If people really want to see the next generation of disruptive innovators, they need to look at the thousands and thousands of undergraduates all around the country who are taking advantage of new opportunities to get abroad. They need to look at the students who are coming face to face with poverty, injustice, and all of the warts of an unfair world, and are returning to restless nights where they realize they can’t do nothing.It’s these students – and after 7 years at Northwestern University I know just how their numbers are increasing – who have the intensity, the passion, and the absolute total and utter unwillingness to not succeed that will help them create the organizations, and yes, products, that will really change the world.
  • Most Interesting Start-up of the Year? The Federal Government
  • Slacktivism and the division of labor

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