On social change advocacy and its targets

Supporters of long-term social change should not just be providing resources to organizing campaigns. They should also be focusing on helping decisionmakers become more able to hear the messages that social change campaigns are sending.

What good is funding campaigns to send faxes, emails, tweets, phone calls and letters to legislators who are already overwhelmed by unstructured incoming messages?  Why not also work on tools to help the legislators track and manage inbound communications more effectively, so that they can actually hear the voice of organized people over the din of organized money?

Why not invest in providing government with the tools to run proper community engagement processes that bridge traditional in-person public meetings with online technologies?  This probably requires some interesting innovation in online discussion tools.

Most social change advocates believe fundamentally that government works.  Why don’t we systematically invest in helping it transform itself so that it can be more open and responsive to our advocacy?

One thought on “On social change advocacy and its targets”

  1. Sounds like good ideas. But how does a private citizen (or an NGO, or a foundation) convince government to use the methods or tools that we innovate?

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