Monorail! (What nerds think about transit)

Well, it looks like the Monorail won — by 800 votes out of 200,000 cast. (If I ever hear “My vote doesn’t count again….”) More amusingly, even Slashdot covered the story. Some pretty interesting comments from the high-tech crowd… worth reading if you’re interested in understanding techie attitudes towards transit (suprisingly favorable). My favorite comment:

[Anonymous Coward] I hear those things are awfully loud.
[Article] It glides as softly as a cloud
[Enginerd] Is there a chance the track could bend?
[Article] Not on your life, my Slashdot friend
[Frequent poster] Why Seattle, those braindead slobs?
[Article] There were only so many Starbucks jobs
[Oil Companies] Were you sent here by the devil?
[Article] No, good sir, I’m on the level
[Cowboy Neal] I feel attracted to a man.
[Article] Go outside and get a tan!
I swear it’s Seattle’s only choice
Throw up your hands and raise your voice!
What’s it called?
Once again!
[Poster] But our educational system’s all cracked and broken
[re;] Sorry, man, the mob has spoken
[All] Monorail! Monorail!
[Homer] Mono- d’oh!

The case for Open Office?

The Case for OpenOffice is a pretty interesting and balanced account of why OpenOffice, might or might not be a feasible alternative to Microsoft Office for some users.

Quite a few nonprofit techies are starting to perk up their ears about this. I’ve tested it out a bit and found that it works pretty darn well. Not sure I’d strongly push groups towards it, but I’d definitely use it for personal stuff, and if a small organization was interested in experimenting at the leading edge, I’d go for it.

Phoenix — a nice, fast Mozilla-based browser

Phoenix is a great little browser. It’s based on Mozilla, but is much faster because it jettisons the add-on email, HTML editor, chat modules, and focuses exclusively on a fast, feature-rich browsing environment. And because it uses the core Mozilla code, it will keep pace with Mozilla’s impressive development. Definitely worth checking out as an IE alternative.