Paul Loeb – The Impossible Will Take a Little While

Friend-of-ONE/Northwest Paul Loeb has just launched his newest book, The Impossible Will Take a Little While.

It’s an “anthology of hope” that features Loeb’s essays along with contributions from Nelson Mandela, Maya Angelou, Arundhati Roy, Tony Kushner, and V clav Havel. Alice Walker, Jonathan Kozol, Diane Ackerman, Susan Griffin, and Marian Wright Edelman. Cornel West, Terry Tempest Williams, Jim Hightower, Desmond Tutu, and Howard Zinn.

Paul writes:

> I believe readers will draw strength from their ideas on how we keep on working for a more humane world, replenish the wellspring of our commitment, and continue no matter how hard it sometimes seems

>I’ve included pieces that explore the historical, political, ecological and spiritual frameworks that help us to persist– with concrete examples of how people have faced despair and overcome it. Some directly address our current time. Others examine what it was like to confront South African apartheid, the Eastern European dictatorships, or Mississippi’s entrenched segregation.

His previous book “Soul of a Citizen” was fantastic. I expect this one to be equally good.

He’s from Seattle, and [speaking here soon](