“Pintification” – a new speed geeking technique

Chris Johnson describes a new innovation in speed geeking/lightning talk technique, pioneered at the Plone community’s recent BBQ Sprint:

Pintification : The act of conveying your idea before the judge finishes his drink

An interactive variant on lightning talks

The rules for pintification are simple.

  1. the new speaker buys the last speaker a drink
  2. The speaker must finish his talk before the drinker finishes his drink.
  3. Drinker may drink at any speed he or she feels is appropriate given the quality of the speaker.
  4. Crowd may encourage the drinker to drink faster
  5. Crowd may refill the drinkers glass in order to force the speaker to talk longer.
  6. If the speaker declares his or herself done, drinker must finish drink.
  7. When drinker finishes, the speaker takes his place with a new drink of his or her choice and a new speaker starts.

    I love it!

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