Podcasting by Phone as Online Activism?

Audio Activism thinks [Slapcast.com](http://www.slapcast.com) is pretty cool, and [wonders out loud](http://www.audioactivism.org/?p=112):

>what activists could do with a podcast by phone service… Instead of emailing our congressperson or president we could send them URLs to our individual oral thoughts as soon as we have them. Imagine the large chorus of voices descending upon a politician in real time. The human voice can emotionally effect even the hardest of cynics!

Well, call me a hardened cynic, but from what I know of how legislative offices handle email, you’re lucky if your emails get counted, let alone read closely. I think there’s next to zero chance a legislative office will spend time listening to streaming audio comments. And, if you’re gonna drop a dime to call your legislator, why not just call their office directly rather than route it through a podcast/email?

Still, I think that tools like Slapcast.com can be tremendously empowering for grassroots journalism — but probably not for legislative advocacy.

3 thoughts on “Podcasting by Phone as Online Activism?”

  1. Fine point. I’m brainstorming on how we can use these new audio recording tools to empower a lot of people simultaneously. The goal – IMHO – is to retain an individuals unique voice and join with others in a common cause. All done on the fly Smart Mobs style.

  2. I’m with you on this. Although I think this is a neat technology for activists, I don’t think the power of it comes from being able to send messages to representatives.

    This technology seems better suited for indymedia-type projects and getting news from independent sources out there quickly without the need for a computer or even a microphone.

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