Poetry in Wartime

*The words of the poets used to distill the emotional essence of war. A viscera
l film experience: eloquent poetry, a cascade of images, painful and moving sto
ries, an extraordinary soundtrack. An exploration of the perverse attraction an
d terrible reality of war, the lasting personal and collective damage done by w
ar, and how we might imagine and create a world less prone to war.*

Poetry in Wartime is a documentary film that “looks a
t war through images and the words of poets.” It also happens to be produced b
y two friends of mine, Andrew Himes and Jonathan King.

The film will be released in late September, and previewed in libraries across
the nation on September 11. They could [use your help](http://www.voicesinwart
ime.org/voicesinwartime/Film/septemberproject/septemberproject.aspx) to get in
into as many libraries as possible.

The film team is working in partnership with Voices in Wartime, an online commu
nity where you can [publish your own writing and images](http://www.voicesinwar
time.org/voicesinwartime/Default.aspx) about war and peace.

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