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Shortly before dashing out the door for Pycon 2010, David Glick pushed out a 1.0 release of Popup Forms for Plone, which he and Steve McMahon built on top of Steve’s excellent Pipbox and PloneFormGen products.

Popup Forms for Plone makes it point-and-click easy to create timer-driven javascript popup forms anywhere in your Plone site.   You can see a simple example in action at Washington Conservation Voters.   It’s amazingly simple: just build your form in PloneFormGen.  (If you just want to popup a static HTML page or an image, you can use PloneFormGen’s “Form Prologue” and skip adding any form fields!)  Then, you use Plone’s portlets mechanism to assign the form to a page or folder on your site, and to configure an optional time-delay.  That’s it!  No programming, no javascript, no fuss, no bother.

Popup Forms are great for email capture forms, action alerts, user surveys, and many other calls-to-action.  If that’s what you need in your Plone site, I encourage you to check it out!

4 thoughts on “Popup Forms for Plone”

  1. Hi Jon, We’ve been using this, somewhat sparingly, on the YES! site. However, we’d really love to have the capability of either (or both) pop-under (appearing beneath the current window), or pop-up on exit (triggered when the reader leaves the site). These are viewed as less annoying to the visitor, and tend to have higher conversion rates. Are you aware of either of these capabilities being developed in the Plone community? Something Groundwire might take on… ?

  2. Adam-
    Unfortunately, there’s no such thing as a javascript-based “pop-under” window, since all of the “pop-up” is happening in a single window, thanks to the magic of javascript. True, multi-window pop-unders have gone the way of the dodo thanks to modern browsers which block them.

    It may be possible to do something that pops up on page exit, as an interstitial on outbound links, or as you scroll to the bottom of the page (I love what the NYTimes does now with its related articles).

    We’d love to tackle anything a client is willing to pay us to work on. 🙂

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