Previewing 2.0

Molly and I have been working on a little “skunkworks” project that we’re delighted to bring out of “stealth mode”…

2.0, August 28
2.0, August 28, 12 weeks

Age: 12 weeks

Length: 5cm

Gender: Tadpole or chicken, we’re not sure yet

Expected launch date: March 14, 2010

Parents: Brimming with joy, anticipation and mild panic

24 thoughts on “Previewing 2.0”

  1. Dear Jon and Molly,

    I am so excited. Take care of each other and this little growing “skunk?” Skunk? Explain that. This baby is so lucky to have such good, caring and cutting edge parents who will bring this child to complete environmental awareness. All grandparents must be head over heels. And March is a great month to bring a baby forth. I know; I had two, Miriam, March 3, and Liz, March 20. It is a wonderful time for the child to greet the just becoming spring world and a great time for the world to greet a child.

  2. Go Molly and Jon! I hope your house’s gestation is shorter than the tadpoles! Congratulations!

  3. Congrats! I highly recommend The Expectant Father by Armin Brott, if you haven’t already added it to your towering stack of reading materials.

  4. “Brimming with joy, anticipation and mild panic”
    Welcome to my world!

  5. So awesome. Congratulations to you both! Can’t wait to meet the tiny Curtz-Stahl!

  6. Let me be the first to point out that creating a next generation of Stahl’s is a leveraged move for the progressive movement. All I can say is “Yes sir you most certainly did”

  7. I’m still grinning from when you told me the news last week. Totally awesome, Jon. I’m so excited for you two. Congratulations!

    Just remember, it’s all worth it in the end. 😉 When you hold that little dude or dudette in your arms for the first time, the world will freeze and you will know that all is right in the world. Welcome to the most magical, wonderful journey of them all.

  8. Jon –

    I’m restricted from making such pronouncements on FB, but wanted to let you in our little secret as well…we’re hot on your tail, expecting a newbie in mid-April.

    Hope things continue to go well for you two and that we can share remodel stories over lunch sometime soon.

    Take care,


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