Reading the tea leaves

Yesterday’s big nonprofit technology news was Convio’s acquisition of GetActive, which combines two of the largest players in the big-client integrated CMS/CRM market.

The players aren’t really talking about the underlying motivations behind the deal, so it’s pretty easy to read whatever you want into the tea leaves. That said…

As I’ve written before, I believe that the tide is running against big, monolithic applications that do everything for everyone, and that in the future we’ll see a larger ecosystem of lighter-weight applications that do a couple of things well, are easy to extend and, most importantly, assume they need to talk to each other.

For this reason, among others, I’ve signed the Integration Proclamation, which calls on our entire sector to engage in the conversations needed to drive that future ahead.

There’s also some good discussion over on Michael Silberman’s blog.
If you’re interested in seeing more tools that play well together, rather than fewer, larger “one size fits most” vendors, then I encourage you to sign it as well.

3 thoughts on “Reading the tea leaves”

  1. Absolutely! Monolithic, full-stack solutions like that are so very Web 1.0. I reckon it was quite visionary of ONE/NW to decide on integration instead of development back in, what was it, 2002? That was soooo Web 2.0 of you 🙂

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