Recommended Read: Dreaming in Code

I stayed up rather late last night early this morning finishing Scott Rosenberg’s book “Dreaming in Code.” If you’re involved with open-source software (or software at all), you really owe it to yourself to go get a copy.

It’s a great look into the real-world challenges of writing software, told through the still-ongoing story of Mitch Kapor’s Chandler project, an ambitious attempt to create a new breed of personal information manager. (Chandler, interestingly, shipped a 1.0 version earlier this month after 6 years of gestation!)

One thought on “Recommended Read: Dreaming in Code”

  1. Yeah, I thought it was a good read too.

    And yeah, I checked out the Chandler 1.0, but they’ve scaled it way back from their ambitions during the period in the book. It’s not really an email client any more, which is what made it interesting to me: the rolling of the flexible PIM elements into the email. Seems like Outlook 07 is taking on that mantle now. You take too long and your competitors steal your ideas – an old story.

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