Sightline Daily Launches

My amazing colleagues here at ONE/Northwest just launched Sightline Daily, a project we’ve been working on for the past few months for our downstairs neighbors at Sightline Institute.  (Big props to our friends at Web Collective, too, who contributed a bunch of heavy behind-the-scenes technical lifting, including some last-minute bug fixing!)

Sightline Daily covers sustainability news for the Pacific Northwest bioregion.  Originally named Tidepool, it was started over 10 years ago by Ecotrust and was acquired by Sightline Institute last year.  Each morning, Sightline Daily’s editorial team, led by the indefatigable Kristin Kolb, wakes up before dawn to scan the region’s news headlines and find the critical stories about climate, energy, fisheries, forests and more.  In addition, Sightline’s team of researchers contribute a daily dose of policy insight and wonkery through their blog, The Daily Score, which just moved over from Sightline’s main website to its new home at Sightline Daily.

The result: Cascadia’s leading source of sustainability news and analysis.  It’s an indispensable resource for anyone working to make our region more sustainable.

It’s one of the more elegant and ambitious projects we’ve worked on, and I’m really proud of it.

There’s a lot of cool strategy to share, as well as some neat behind-the-scenes technology.   I’ll have to explore both more in the near future, but the thing that thrills me the most right now is how much faster we managed to make the process of entering and categorizing 20-30 news stories per day.

We started with a close observation of the actual daily editorial process, through which Sightline Daily editors find, clip, categorize and arrange the day’s sustainability news.   Thanks to a javascript bookmarklet, an innovative custom batch editing view and some clever techniques for automatically finding related articles, we’ve created a system that cuts the daily news clipping process down from a few minutes per article to a few seconds.  (I still need to get out my stopwatch and time both systems for an exact comparison!)  This helps Sightline Daily deliver against an unforgiving daily publishing cycle (on your desk by 10AM!) and frees up time for them to do even more in-depth analysis and commentary.

And yes, it’s powered by Plone.  🙂