SqueezeCenter 7 for Squeezebox is out

The SlimDevices team made a final release of SqueezeCenter 7 today.  SqueezeCenter (formerly SlimServer) is the open-source music library/player at the heart of the amazing Squeezebox digital music player.

SqueezeCenter 7 is a massive, game-changing improvement on the old SlimServer software, which was no slouch.  The biggest change is a seriously overhauled user interface, which takes great advantage of AJAX to offer a rich, eye-pleasing experience.  There are also a bunch of changes under the hood, but previous versions of SlimServer were so feature-rich that these are mostly incremental.

If you’ve got a Squeezebox (or a Transporter), SqueezeCenter 7 is a must-have upgrade.  I’ve been using beta versions for the past few months, and it’s been a stable, enjoyable experience.

Now, if only I had a Duet.  I lust for that remote control.  🙂