Summer of Dadventure

It’s been a while since I’ve written about Everett.  He’s now fifteen and a half months old, quite the little man.  We’re two weeks into the “Summer of Dadventure,” as I’ve named the three months I’m taking off after leaving Groundwire and before starting grad school. I’ve got Everett all to myself three days a week.  So far so good.  Lots of walks to the beach, to the park, plenty of swing time on the porch.  It’s amazing how much time one spends on eating: three squares a day plus snacks.  He’s quite the fruit fiend; mammals love sweet.

It is funny how sometimes the hours fly by, while sometimes the minutes drag on like hours, and how quickly it can alternate between the two extremes.  I suppose that may say more about my interruption-addicted attention span.  Nevertheless, I’m pleased at how relatively painless it’s been to slip into the rhythm of Dad Time.  I’m a bit worried about running out of things to do, given his still-pretty-narrow parameters of time, energy and attention.

His verbal and physical skills are changing noticeably every day. That’s probably the omst fun part so far. Time to teach him to high five.



55 hours

Everett Charles Stahl is fast approaching his 55th hour of life, looks like he’ll be spending most of it asleep (as will his tired-but-jubliant Mom).  Here’s what we know so far: Pretty darn cute.  Prefers sleep to suckling.  Good set of lungs, but appears to have some sense of discretion about when to use them.  Strong pooper.

I now understand why so many people say that the greatest day of their life was the day their child was born.  It’s hard to believe that joy this intense can exist.

Onwards, little guy.  I love you.