Technology is not the question or the answer

My friends Tim Walker and Michael Silberman have been doing some thinking about the long-term problems with many of the approaches to date about social change + technology and have popped out a provocative (and very welcome!) manifesto about the need for “web thinking.”

I was honored to contribute some thoughts on the early drafts, and while I don’t think it’s perfect, the final version is a must-read if you’re serious about changing how change happens.   It’s great to see people engaging in serious, big-picture critical thinking like this.  The conversation’s already going on in the comments.  You should join in.  See you there in five.

One thought on “Technology is not the question or the answer”

  1. thanks, jon! it’s true, this is dripping with groundwire thinking, and it’s also far from done… appreciate your giving it a read to keep us honest in earlier drafts. yep, see you in the comments.

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