“The Chandler Knowledge Worker”

Remember Chandler?  Mitch Kapor’s open-source “Outlook killer” that was supposed to change how we manage information forever? 

Well, that was a few years back, and while they still haven’t gotten to a 1.0 release, they’ve finally put out an interesting “0.7 Preview” version.  And along the way, they’ve really done some amazing thinking about how knowledge workers need to manage information.

I’ve not checked out the software yet, but I was struck by their vision document, titled “The Chandler Knowledge Worker.”

Often called a project manager or product manager or program manager,
our Preview Target User however is a special breed of PM. They work
closely with every member of their team, acting as a communication hub.
They know how to ask the right questions to gather input and feedback.
They identify problem areas, figure out when meetings need to happen,
who needs to be there, what needs to be discussed, and then they
facilitate the discussion to define concrete next actions and
ultimately drive their team towards informed decisions.

They go on to offer an intriguing diagnosis of what’s wrong with the current state of the art in personal information management, which underpins Chandler’s different approach.

As the prototypical “Chandler Knowledge Worker” it will be interesting to see how Chandler works.

Kudos to Mitch and the OSAF team for having the wherewithal to stick with a project that has become far more interesting and complex than they ever imagined, I’m sure.

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  1. It’s great to know that someone actually identifies with our target user characterization. In many respects, articulating exactly who Chandler is intended for has been a defining struggle for the project.

    Be sure to report back when you’ve had a chance to play with the app!

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